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also known as Syzygium Aromaticum.

50 grams of hand-picked, sun-dried single origin Cloves. 

Grown organically in Sri Lanka.
Packaged in Naarm.

These cloves are sourced fresh from an independent farming cooperative in Sri Lanka. They were hand-picked and sorted and then sun-dried to retain their distictively high eugenol content. This is what gives these cloves their unique reddish hue and sweetly floral aroma. They are used in our Sticky Chai Blend. Use it as you desire, whole or ground in a coffee grinder (or mortar & pestle if you're a beast).

50 grams of cloves is approximately 500 cloves. This spice is packed by weight (we're not sitting here counting individual cloves). Spices are best bought in small quantities as needed to maximise freshness and flavour. 


Store this spice in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place. Spices do not expire, but they lose their flavour over time. Best consumed within 2 years of purchase. Do not leave the spices in their original cellophane packaging for long-term storage.



Real Villains go against the grain. The NatureFlex cellophane packaging and sugarcane-fibre label are 100% home compostable and biodegrade under moisture. Chuck the bag and label in your worm farm or green bin to dispose of responsibly.



This spice is sourced from small producers who pay their workers a fair living wage. We want our producers to be healthy and happy and we are against modern slavery in our supply chain.

We import our spices in small batches directly from these producers to reduce the amount of time they’re spent sitting in warehouses and losing precious flavour. We release these to you as soon as they come in stock. As a result, you’re receiving quality and freshness that you would not otherwise get from other companies that source from importers and wholesalers.

You will taste the difference (and thank us for it).