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The Villain's Punch (+ variations)

The Villain’s punch is the perfect marriage between fruit, tea and spice (yes, it’s a throuple. What of it?) Here are four recipes to get you through summer.

Iced Chai

2 tbsp Sticky Chai Blend
600ml hot water

Steep, refrigerate until cold, strain. (If you prefer to do a cold brew, that would work too.)

The Villain’s Punch

Iced Chai
Whatever fruits you fancy/ squeeze of lemon/ dash of honey - riff away. You do you, boo.

Muddle, ice, stir, top with fruit.

The Villain’s Backhand

The Villain’s Punch

1 shot of Chai-infused Vodka

Stir and drink.

The “I have sorbet in the freezer”

The Villain’s Punch or The Villain’s Backhand
1 scoop of raspberry mint sorbet (or any fruity sorbet you like)

You’re welcome.