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Chai-Infused Vodka (or Bourbon)

Lockdown is a dog, but if you’ve got a bottle of decent vodka, a bag of The Chai Villain’s Sticky Chai Blend, and a glass bottle in the house, you’re on your way to creating a spicy, smooth, and velvety Chai-infused Vodka. It’s the perfect cross between gin and bourbon whiskey. You can drink it straight, or use it in your favourite cocktail recipes - stay tuned for those.

Chai-infused Vodka (or Bourbon)

500ml Vodka (or Bourbon)
3 tbsp The Chai Villain’s Sticky Chai Blend

You don’t have to use the best vodka for this, although if you want to, go right ahead. Aim for a vodka that is clean and smooth.

Dump everything into a sterilised glass bottle, seal, and store it in a dark spot in your pantry for 5 days to infuse. Give it a gentle swirl whenever you can be bothered to redistribute the bits at the bottom.

After 5 days, strain the aromatic, amber liquid out and store in a sterilised glass bottle. If you want it stronger, let it infuse for a couple days longer and test it out. Don’t worry. You can’t mess this up.

Enjoy on the rocks or use it in your favourite cocktails. Stay tuned for more recipes.