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Cold Brew Chai

Cold Brew Chai is all the rage these days and every Chai company has an instructional out on how to make it. But not all Sticky Chai Blends are created equally, and not all Sticky Chai Blends will give you as good a result as The Chai Villain’s when prepared as a cold brew.

Here are some facts:

  1. A large component of the flavour of spices are Terpenes.
  2. Almost all Terpenes do not dissolve in water because they are oils, and oil and water don’t mix.
  3. You need to apply heat to a spice to activate its Terpenes.

Having said that, the preparation of The Chai Villain’s Sticky Chai Blend makes it ideal for a Cold Brew. Here’s why:

  1. Each spice is roasted before it is crushed and mixed with honey. The roasting process draws out these Terpenes.
  2. The spices are then immediately crushed and mixed with honey. The Terpenes that are now activated form an emulsion with the honey, which now essentially acts as a carrier for those molecules.

So when you mix The Chai Villain’s Sticky Chai Blend with water, you’re freeing the Terpenes that are mixed in with the honey as the honey dissolves. Therefore, you’re not missing out on this incredible layer of flavour. The roasting and emulsion process is key to creating that intense spicy flavour you crave in a Chai, cold or otherwise.

When you make a Cold Brew with The Chai Villain’s Sticky Chai Blend, you get all the benefits of the antioxidants in tea that would otherwise be killed by heat, and a much fuller-flavoured drink.

Remember that the best way to extract the most flavour out of your Sticky Chai Blend is to heat it quickly, kill the heat and to let it infuse. Using milk/mylk will give you a better extraction because the fat in the milk/mylk is able to dissolve Terpenes. We would still recommend making Chai with milk/mylk the usual way and refrigerating it for a cool, refreshing drink, but you will absolutely get a better flavour with a cold-water infusion with The Chai Villain’s Sticky Chai Blend than with other blends on the market today.


Cold Brew Chai

1 tbsp of The Chai Villain's Sticky Chai Blend
300ml cold water or milk/mylk

Mix and refrigerate for 8 to 48 hours (the longer the better with this one). Strain, and drink.