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Chai Crash Course #4 - Balance

Because if you're going to start a fire, you need the perfect amount of kindling, oxygen, heat, and flesh.

Many Chai blends out there purport to have perfected the balance in their Chai, but what they've really done is pander to the tastes of people who just don't know any better. We all know that sugar (in its many different forms) is what keeps people feel sated and keeps them coming back for more. These Chai companies capitalise on this and load your palates up with sugar, overpowering any other flavour molecule present in the blend. And why the hell not? Sugar is cheap, it makes people feel good, and it keeps people addicted.

But, my friends, this is not what Chai is meant to taste like. It needs to be a harmonious marriage of sweetness, bitterness, and every single spice that goes in.

The next time you try any Chai, be critical and use your palate. What spices do you taste? Is it heavy on cinnamon, on cloves, or sugar? Are there layers of flavour that unfurl on your tongue like the petals of a flower, or is it one-note?

This is the flavour experience you deserve.

TL/DR? Watch the video below and share it with your friends!